May 3, 2022

#160: Jofre Porta - Effort is not a Sacrifice

#160: Jofre Porta - Effort is not a Sacrifice

Jofre Porta is one of a handful of tennis coaches who can say they´ve worked with two world number 1 players from a young age.

The Spanish coach helped guide Carlos Moya from juniors to top of the ATP rankings, and also worked with Rafael Nadal as a junior.

Jofre has previously worked for the Spanish Tennis Federation, he´s been a tennis commentator and is currently the Director of Global Tennis Team Academy in Mallorca.

In this episode, he talks to Dan about coaching Moya and Nadal, why Spain produces so many players, his thoughts on the up and coming Carlos Alcaraz and much more!

Episode Highlights:-

  • Hear about Jofre´s time with Carlos Moya and Rafael Nadal.
  • The similarities and differences between Rafa Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz at 18.
  • The special relationship between Moya and Nadal.
  • Why he believes effort is not a sacrifice.
  • How he uses technology to help develop resistance.

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