Sept. 13, 2020

Episode 59: Sam Jalloh - Tennis saved my life

Episode 59: Sam Jalloh - Tennis saved my life

Sam Jalloh was brought up in Sierra Leone in what was a difficult upbringing personally, but also during the civil war which added many complications which included living on the streets, seeing his best friend get shot and killed and been taken from his family aged 5. 

So how did this young boy who didn’t own shoes until he was 14 years old manage to get to the point of playing on the ITF circuit, and hitting with Andrey Rublev and many more? 

It is a fascinating, inspirational story we all have to listen and learn from. Sam is now a motivational speaker and tennis coach and you will see why when you listen to him. Enjoy! 

You can also listen to Sam talk about his story live at the upcoming Between the White Lines Summit. 

Sam is one of the keynote speakers at the 2 day event held on September 24-26th 2020. 

Click here for more information and to book your place on the summit.


Twitter: @samuelpjalloh

Book: How Tennis Saved my Life