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Episode 66: Kris Soutar - Mr. Tennis

Oct. 7, 2020

Kris Soutar has dedicated his life to tennis in one form or another. From coaching International Players to coaching parents how to coach, he has worked across the spectrum, but always to a very high level. Kris was part of …

Episode 65: Simon Dickson - Red Devil to SW19

Oct. 4, 2020

Simon Dickson was one of the best junior players in the world with wins over Roger Federer and Leyton Hewitt to name a couple as he grew up. He combined this with playing football for Manchester United Juniors when he was yo…

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Episode 64: Steve Hewitt - People..People.. People!

Sept. 30, 2020

Steve Hewitt is the CEO of Gym Shark, a fitness clothing and accessory brand that is currently one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK. In 2021 it was valued at $1.3 billion, after starting in the home of its founder…

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Episode 63: Heather Watson - WTA Tour Life

Sept. 26, 2020

Heather Watson has been one of Great Britain’s most successful female tennis players of the past 30 years. A Grand Slam Champion, Heather won the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles title in 2016, and has won 4 WTA titles and has a care…

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Episode 62: Valorie Kondos Field - Winning doesn’t always equal success

Sept. 22, 2020

Valorie Kondos Field was Head Gymnastics Coach at UCLA for 29 years. She led them to 7 National Championships despite having no experience in gymnastics. Valorie dramatically changed her philosophies throughout her coaching …

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Episode 61: Emilio Sanchez - Viva España

Sept. 19, 2020

Emilio Sanchez comes from the famous Sanchez family who have been so influential on Spanish Tennis. A former World number 1 doubles player and number 7 singles player at the same time, he won 5 Grand slam doubles titles and …

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Episode 60: Lloyd and Anthony Harris - African Champions

Sept. 16, 2020

In today´s episode of Control the Controllables, we speak to Anthony Harris who is top 100 ATP Player Lloyd Harris’s coach. Anthony also coached Dudi Sela in his formative years aged 11-19. We discuss his Academy and philoso…

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Episode 59: Sam Jalloh - Tennis saved my life

Sept. 13, 2020

Sam Jalloh was brought up in Sierra Leone in what was a difficult upbringing personally, but also during the civil war which added many complications which included living on the streets, seeing his best friend get shot and …

Episode 58: Magnus Tideman - ATP Coach Life

Sept. 8, 2020

Magnus Tideman is a former top 80 ATP Player who came from an amazing crop of Swedish Players, where his practice partners included Bjorn Borg, Mats Wilander and many more. He turned his hand to coaching 29 years ago and has…

Episode 57: Mark Jeffery - Between the White Lines

Sept. 5, 2020

Mark has had tennis running through his life for 60 years. He was in the military, and has worked closely with David Lloyd and Jimmy Connors on previous projects. He´s currently taking on his biggest challenge yet, as he is …


Episode 56: Kieron Vorster - Nature or Nurture

Sept. 2, 2020

Kieron Vorster has been a strength and conditioning coach on the ATP Tour for 25 years. He started his career with Wayne Ferreira before spending many years with Tim Henman. Kieron is currently working with British number 1 …

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Episode 55: Cameron Norrie - College Stud to Pro Life

Aug. 31, 2020

Cameron Norrie had an illustrious College career at Texas Christian University before seamlessly moving into the top 100 ATP. Since recording this, he has reached a career high of 12, and is the current British number 1. In …

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Episode 54: Nick Monroe - No stone unturned

Aug. 29, 2020

Nick Monroe has been on the ATP Tour for the past 17 years with a career high of 30 ATP doubles. Nick speaks to us from the US Open Bubble as he prepares to play the event. Nick was a top USTA Junior, US College All-American…

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Episode 53: Nick Morgan - Make better choices more often

Aug. 26, 2020

Nick Morgan is a former UK University Tennis Champion whilst graduating from Bath University before turning his career to the Sports Science world. This started at Lilleshall, the home of England Football and took him around…


Episode 52: Jonathan Overend - The voice of tennis 🎾

Aug. 22, 2020

Jonathan worked for BBC radio for over 25 years and brought the famous moments to life for many of us including his final match for the BBC.. The Men’s Wimbledon 2013 final where Andy Murray overcame 77 years of hurt for Men…

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Episode 51: Dan Evans & Mark Hilton - US Open Bubble 2020

Aug. 20, 2020

GB number 1 Dan Evans and his coach Mark Hilton speak to us from New York as they prepare for the US Open 2020. Hear all about the ‘bubble’ at the US Open and how preparation has been going. Enjoying Control the Controllable…

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Episode 50: James Cluskey - Necker Island Networking

Aug. 19, 2020

In our 50th episode of Control the Controllables we speak to James Cluskey, James was top 150 ATP and represented Ireland in the Davis Cup. Since retiring, James has used his tennis as a vehicle to attack the business world…

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Episode 49: Bruno Argudo & Juan Beaus - Spanish Tennis vs British Tennis

Aug. 15, 2020

Bruno Argudo and Juan Beaus both have extensive experience of being brought up through the ‘Spanish System’ as players and coaches. Yet both have had experience in the British Tennis world as players at Stirling University. …

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Episode 48: Dan Cox - I’ll be back!

Aug. 12, 2020

Dan Cox spent many years in the top 5 in the UK and top 250 ATP after a successful junior career, including making the final of the prestigious Tarbes U14 event. Dan retired in 2016 aged 26, but as the pandemic has had an ef…

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Episode 47: Neil Harman - Close Quarters

Aug. 8, 2020

Neil Harman worked tirelessly for many years for many of the top UK Newspapers in football, and then mainly as a tennis correspondent. An award-winning journalist and author, Neil connected with the top players such as Andy …

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Episode 46: Barry Fulcher - Progressive minded

Aug. 5, 2020

Barry Fulcher was an excellent tennis player who has turned his passion to not only coaching, but also to creating a competitive structure in the UK that allows players to compete, learn and earn. This passion has been solel…

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Episode 45: Michael Joyce - From top ATP player to top WTA Coach

Aug. 1, 2020

Michael Joyce had a very successful playing career with a career high of 64 ATP. Michael has gone on to coach some of the biggest stars in the women’s game including Victoria Azarenka, Genie Bouchard, Johanna Konta, Timea Ba…

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Episode 44: Mark Bullock - Tennis is for everyone!

July 30, 2020

Mark Bullock has dedicated his coaching career to making tennis inclusive to all. He spent many years at the ITF working and developing wheelchair tennis globally including its presence at all 4 of the Grand Slams. Over the …


Episode 43: Mike Dickson - Tennis through a ‘media’ lense

July 25, 2020

Mike Dickson has been a sports journalist for 35 years, including 30 years at the Daily Mail. He has predominantly covered tennis as his major sport during this time and has been very close to British Tennis, reporting on al…